The new 2011 Eyewear Models

The new 2011 Eyewear Models.
Eyeglasses bone framed now! Earlier this season, so the trend models framed glasses ... glasses, fashion models, the location of the drop of left bone-framed glasses.
The new season always get yourself a few pieces of bone-framed glasses model. It looks very stylish eyewear models, cool look, a different style going on :) .
Models in the bone-framed glasses, where can we buy a good suggestion for those who have changed the way news from twill style these days, I passed the suggestion mode.
Pull and Bear also suffered a lot of shops such as the following example is that the model rastlıyabilirsiniz glasses. Leopard patterns from being a trend again this year I chose these sunglasses. Glasses at different points in 4 different ways to offer you the opportunity to examine the best way I başarmışımdır pics.
Pull and Bear Sunglasses
The new season / 2011

Price: 44.95 TL

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