Chanel Sunglasses 2011

Chanel Sunglasses 2011
Sunglasses comes time to write about the news I guess. At the moment in the sun a few weeks although the weather serinlemiş manifest themselves thoroughly.
The most popular accessory in the summer sun gözlüğüdür no doubt, a plug in the summer months always gardrobunuzda Keep sunglasses.
Elegance and quality of Chanel sunglasses collection shows itself; unique models Chanel sunglasses 2011 season, with the difference.
Chanel sunglasses prices range between 492Tl and 692Tl.

Zara Pants 2011 Models

Spanish apparel brand Zara 2011 pants fashion adds a different color. Interesting and bold colors, sleek trouser cuts in models with this unique Sezin Zara stores are waiting for you.
Prices range from 79tl 155tl with Zara pants.
Zara pants models, the first point of drawing attention to the colors that creates style models. Skinny pants, models , types of short-leg pants, flared pants, some of the other models.

New Season Trousers H & M Models

Glory of our country and arriving in a landing campaign for H & M, yet has not lost popularity. Turkey ready to wear because of tightness in the market that will continue for a long period of time seems to be that way.
H & M 's marks the arrival of fall with the turnovers and I think Bershka'dır In addition, Mango and Zara, Pull and Bear, as Stradivarus markalarıda listed.
Pants models 2011 to present information about our collections to examine the most popular brands. H & M pants models yen season by selecting from among some of the models I wanted to share with you. Prices of H & M trousers, around € 30.
  • models of flared trousers
  • skinny pants, style
  • white color patolonlar
  • polished and flat- pants models this year, H & M is in the collections.

Model 2011 Diesel Pants

Trousers Model 2011 Diesel
Diesel pants do not look look at patterns and bright green color fabrics caught my attention, 2011 within the year, but I did rastlamıyordum Diesel feature not much news with green pants in the collection of some of the green color phase adüşmüş can say. Perhaps with the arrival of spring may be a matter of, how about the green color is reflected in the collections?
Diesel in the 2011 season some of pants by selecting from the models I moved here. Prices of diesel pants pants of your choice, range from € 95 to € 150.

Middle hairstyles 2011

One lady almost every thing in her hair, beauty, complementary to the most important, the most important available :) as trump. Or trying to change the way you give your hair so the hair care color you like incredibly.
I have chosen examples of middle uzunlukda hairstyles for you, let's see what the hair model is more appropriate to you ...

Suggestions for new trench coat!

Suggestions for new trench coat!
2010 and 2011 models the most aggressive and most hold Trechcoat Trend!
Clothes made ​​the most news in the season 2010-2011 models without a doubt one of the trench coat. Trechcoat soar in 2010 and 2011 models as the main fashion trends within the first ranks. He hemde a look at the men's and women's collections in a multi-brand model, able to see the different trench coat.
Trechcoat 's brand, we go, which usually consists of a single type of model. Buttons are too big and broad and long catches, six waist height, waist belt and one trençkot'un creates a master profile. Currently, the trench coat fashion models rather than the former, more middle-aged be preferred by people who can say that now the favorite of the young people.
Sizer is a multi-brand stores, where you can find for the trench coat 's on a news prepared; Zara, TopShop, Burberry, Old Navy, Debanhams, some of these brands Zara and Mango.

Junya Watanabe, Old Navy, Mod Cloth trench coat patterns, colors, black, green and beige.

Debanhams, Burberry, Decotis Trechcoat Models, Colors, yellow, beige, cream.
Moschino, Topsgop, Tsumori Trechcoat Models, Colors: beige, red, cream.

Zara and Mango Trechcoat models, colors, beige and cream.

Adidas Shoes Series 2011 Outdoor

Adidas Shoes Series 2011 Outdoor
As described in the previous our news, adidas shoe collection with a wide range of products. Each style in the Adidas shoes are great collections of classical models, an interesting addition to the models carry the traces.
Adidas shoes , under the following headings are ordered
    1. Basketball Shoes, shoes in a variety of categories; (23)
    2. Outdoor Footwear, shoes in a variety of categories, (9)
    3. Running Shoes, shoes in a variety of categories; (156)
    4. Soccer Shoes, shoes in a variety of categories; (29)
    5. Softball Footwear, the shoe çeişiti category; (11)
    6. Tennis Shoes, shoes in a variety of categories; (19)
    7. Training Footwear, shoes in a variety of categories; (128)
Adidas shoes, outdoor shoes in our news under the title of this review some models. In this series of shoe models I most like in the last two ranks; Outdoor Boat Shoes Lace CLIMACOOL.
Adidas outdoor shoes range from $ 60 to $ 120. Adidas shoe models in this series between the waterproof feature is goratex models.

Outdoor Boat CLIMACOOL Lace;

Product Information

Special breathable upper side of the shoe with a structure. With the outer surface of the new Adidas CC Lace Teknelojisi structure and CLIMACOOL ® TRAXION ™ sole with ventilation and conventional on-deck cautious.

Adidas Shoes Outdoor Series 2011 - Details

  • CLIMACOOL ® ventilated, dry and comfortable amount
  • Air mesh upper for breathability and quick drying, improved fit and comfort EVA tongue to the top
  • Synthetic overlays for durability and support, support for greater protection for the toe area
  • Adidas drainage system for maximum water drainage (AD), for comfort and quick drying mesh / textile lining
  • Stretchable heel insert for optimal fit
  • Water exceptional traction on wet and slippery conditions outsole grip in all directions for maximum grip TRAXION ™ sole
  • Imported

Outdoor Boat CLIMACOOL Lace

2011 Footwear Adidas Rom Series

2011 Footwear Adidas Rom Series
World number one brand name adidas sports clothing sector, is the best way we can say the right being number one. There are some brands such as Adidas, although a number do not behave as the market leader. Adidas, the product quality, wide product range, service quality, and show that regeneration is extremely careful.
Adidas-lovers know that, there are collections of adidas' classic. Roma, some of them superstar shoes, shoes series. Rom my favorite shoes series Adidas series with an aesthetic stance tanesidir.Rom series each season, adidas shoes, adidas severleres unchanged presented is clear and colors, blue, green and black.
In short, adidas shoes with rum has earned the admiration of many customers. Adidas shoes, a very recent news about the new season can be read
The collection also has a very different model adidas shoes, adidas sports shoes, adidas shoes for walking, daily giyebileceğiniz shoes, football, basketball, handball shoes, such as sports, while you can use. All shoes specially designed series of uses and are produced with a specific technology.

Adidas Shoes Rom Series 2011 - Product Information

At the end of the 1950s who loves adidas shoes series Adidas Rom was one of the first adidas can say that. Classic rum shoes the following characteristics;
  • suede toe cap
  • A herringbone outsole
  • authentic colors
  • Leather upper surface

New Season Shoes Adidas Rom Series 2011 - Details

  • Full grain leather upper for comfort and a soft touch
  • Suede toe cap for more protection
  • synthetic lining for comfort
  • Built-in heel counter
  • Herringbone pattern rubber outsole
  • Imported
" Adidas Shoes Rom Series 2011 "
Rom the new season adidas shoes around $ 75.

Desa Leather 2011

DESA 'with the adventure begins ...
From the country-specific tones in nature, combining touches of DESA Spring-Summer 2011
Collection, fashion lovers who like to explore dazzle your eyes!
DESA 2011 Spring-Summer Collection of colors and patterns of nature peculiar to the city stance
life with the designs, inspired by the leaders of modern life who loves to explore
created. Both ambitious and athletic, as well as formal and casual styles that appeal to different parts of
collection, bears the signature of the world-famous Italian designers.

The main sources of inspiration from the '70s and '90s elegance mingled with the clear tones of khaki, athletic
The minimal and neo-soul DESA 2011 Spring-Summer Collection, sports, sophisticated and sexy
hoşlananlara to be exciting.
Leather and suede pieces enriched coat, trench coat and jackets, as well as explorer
enriched patch pockets dresses, pants, jackets and shorts with a wide range of parts such as leg
pants in this season's key pieces. Frequently used in the collection of cotton, linen and silk
Fabrics made with leather details, the collection brings out the diversity of Desa.
DESA, vertical and long silhouettes, sexy and take the shape of the body with low-shouldered models
creating cool clothes from the start sporting elegance, leather and suede fashion the different uses of
amazing fans. Graceful swan-like black clothes enriched coral ışıltılarıyla
and sensual, suede, linen-blend athletic clothing every style by creating a kind of human being
ediyor.Ayrıca appeal to the taste of DESA, the collection used by the summer sun, gold accessories
the girl out of the image creates a difference in providing ışıltısının Desa.
New season, DESA, the contemporary structure of the skin with an innovative brand, as well as ancient
products, has launched to highlight the tradition of artistry in the hand and expertly yaşattığını
collection of modern and traditional techniques to create a style. DESA, in particular skin
This manifests itself in a different style of hand-made techniques used in jackets, cotton, linen, chiffon
together using fabrics such as bravely and skillfully. The roots of leather accessories
musician from the hand, combines with the understanding of contemporary design and a different accessories in a modern
creates a sense of aesthetics.
DESA 2011 Spring-Summer Shoe Collection, the dominant theme of safaris, self-indulgent
will be the preference of the women. Beautiful flats and stylish design that give up the season
created for women in high heels in the stores, fashion lovers will meet with DESA.
Natural colors are used in the collection is a piece that can cater to all tastes.
All clothes are in bags this season, the roots of DESA complement and round, soft
suede fabric with leather handles and flexible nature's most beautiful colors, spring-DESA 2011
Summer Bag Collection is waiting to intervene to city life.

Colorful Bags Models 2011

Colorful Bags Models 2011
Spring summer season approaches, an excitement than fashion news. Istanbul, there can say that as of last spring air, warm weather to show more than the sun itself, no doubt, will be reflected in clothing.
Collections of models of different brands from each other by choosing a stylish bag for you I moved here. This news special olarka prepared, colorful handbags bags in 2011 models will be waiting for you.
2011 Spring / Summer season, you'll bag your preferences and what brands do you see for yourself what color purse patterns?
2011 Season bag fashion what will happen?
Which brand which model bags there?
Prices of 2011 Season is the case?

"Colorful Bags Models 2011"

Bag Model 2011 Left: Robinson, Tory Burch Shoulder Bag: Price: $ 325 , Tory Burch, Proenza Schouler Leather Satchel PS1, price, $ 1.595 , the Net-A-Porter.

Model 2011 Left Bag: the Tory Burch Robinson, Shoulder Bag, price: $ 325 , Tory Burch, Proenza Schouler Leather Satchel PS1, the price of $ 1.595 , the Net-A-Porter.

2011 Case Models from left, Bally, Bowling Bag, price, $ 2.695 , Bally; ASOS Leather Saddle Bags, price, $ 53.79 , ASOS, Dooney & Bourke Clutch Continental, $ 125,

Bag Models from left: Kate Spade Shady Side Magazine Tote, price: $ 229.50 , Kate Spade, Aldo Cyphert Faux Leather Bag, price: $ 45 , Aldo.

Bag with 2011 models, from left ; BCBGeneration Gigi Shoulder Bag, price: $ 68, Collection Maria Rebecca Minkoff Handbags, the price of $ 650 , Rebecca Minkoff, Marc by Marc Jacobs Raffia and Leather Clutch, Price: $ 200 .