A Fashion Street May 10, 2011

A Fashion Street May 10, 2011
American street style wind ... I wonder America, how the girls are wearing ? At the moment what clothes fashion ? Combine How? The answer to the questions you can think of, share with you the air of the street modavetrendAt.
The weather has warmed in America ... we are still bekliyoruzz orataya summer clothes ....

Zara shoes for men suggested

Spanish clothing brand Zara From the suggestion to you would be a shoe. 2011 Footwear fashion trends that change frequently, while the bet I would bet.
As I said many times before, no longer Onitsuka Tiger-style shoes to wear converse and leave a little small moved towards a more classic style, because even if the new shoe fashions!
Below you see a lot of shoes and the like Zara 2011 season, the model is Zara You can find in stores. I wanted to suggest to you the representation of the model olarka. I think in a very stylish and comfortable shoes ... you can use it with jeans or classic pants.
2011 Season stylish and cool shoes, the models advice for those wishing to appear ...
Shoe model name: Strap Dirver
Price: 149,95

Upper: 100% COW LEATHER

Lining: 100% COW LEATHER


Suggestions and Zara 2011 Bikini Bikini Models

This year (2011) Write memelekete has no future! We came to the middle of May the sun still homesick, leave to enter the sea .... Winter could not make out people, let's say hayırlısı :) .
Summer income, you will undecided in your choice of bikini bikini collections of suggestions that we have Zara. These bikini models are selected from the collections of Zara Zara stores in 2011 is already a burden bulamassınız a bikini model. Prices are taken at the bottom of the bikini models.

Zara 2011 New!

Spanish apparel brand ZARA, 2011 for the season has published a new Lookbook continues into the new season, customers can call their products slowly. This event is a marketing strategy for all brands and uses parts of a season at a time yığmazlar stores, expect to spend the money after the ones we consume whoops :) .
  • Trend Ayse season long skirts!

  • Trend-colored trousers this season!

  • Spanish Pacala Trend Met season!

  • Met Season Trend Pacala short!

  • Flower Designs Trend This Season!

"Zara 2011 New! "

ELVIS Modelleria 2011 Stradivarius New

ELVIS Modelleria 2011 Stradivarius New
While the Spanish apparel brand, a brand, people will say, and immediately behind the bet again and again ekliyeceğim brand in this country is only taken from Spain?
In our country, great brands do not have news of 50.000 Grain brand. I think investors do not know or do not know or do not trust the market for Turkey brands have an oddity.
Anyway, this little detail after the speech ...
2011 Stradivarius dress modelsni see summer come now you might say. Chic summer dresses come clothed, streets avenues flowers bloom ... Is not it interesting in the models of Stradivarius models of the new season dress, floral and striped dress models.
Flowers in the last 2 years and the trend lines are fairly great detail, and certainly can say.
Stradivarius 2011 Dress Prices ; 66Tl range from the 75TL.

Stradivarius Store Address and Telephone Numbers
Stradivarius ISTANBUL Stores
Capacity AVM
Olive Mah. Fişekhane Cad.
Tel: 0212 560 89 39
Istinye Park Shopping Center
Pinar Mah. Bair Istinye Cad.
Tel: 0533 962 57 21
Halifa Mah Hassan Adnan Menderes Bulvari No: 2
Tel: 0212 634 24 14
Rumeli Cad.
Halaskargazi Mah. Rumeli Cad. No: 5 Sisli
Tel: 0212 231 November 1988
Palladium Shopping Mall
People Cad. No: 6 Kozyatagi Kadikoy
Tel. 23 December 0216 663
Cevahir Mall
Cad Mah Constitutional Buyukdere
Tel: 0212 380 30 May
Forum Shopping Mall in Istanbul
Stradivarius ANKARA Stradivarius stores
AVM Gimat
Konya State Highway
Tel: 0312 541 23 28
Panora AVM
Turkey Trade Center
Tel: 0312 291 November 1981
Stradivarius BURSA Stradivarius stores
Bursa Korupark Mall
Mudanya Korupark Zekai Silver Trading Path. Center
No.: 1
Tel: 0224 242 28 44
City Square Mall
Cyprus Martyrs No.: 64
Tel: 0224 255 23 25
Stradivarius Stradivarius ESKİŞEHİR STORE
Espark Mall
Universite Mah Eskibağlar Cad No: 1
Tel: 0222 333 September 1959
Stradivarius MERSIN Stradivarius STORE
Forum Mersin Shopping Center
Tel: 0324 331 51 31

Street Fashion April 2011

2011 April Street Fashion
Reflecting the bleak winter months habasını fashion styles corner of the street I can say I'm sick of paylaşmakdan. Genres and styles do share some lively streets, the summer months come along with you.
Street Fashions own corner for guests leave you comments?
How do you think clothing choices?
Uyumlumu Colors?
Aksesular'da What is the situation?
Hair how?
General how many points you sleep?

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