Fondos de Pantalla Para un Día Triste

Aqui les traigo unas cuantas imagenes que puedes usar de Wallpapers (Fondo de pantalla), para cuando estés Triste.

"El Amor nunca se pierde. Aunque no sea recíproco, volverá para purificar y hacer tierno Tu Corazón." (Washington Irving)

Para ver las imagenes en su tamaño real haz click sobre ellas...

Día Triste
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Tanya Dziahileva: Harpers Bazaar Spain / 2010

Tanya Dziahileva: Harpers Bazaar Spain / 2010

And the famous fashion magazine Harpers Bazaar'S resulting in the number of publications in Spain this month, great exposure and Tanya Dziahileva 2010 fashions'To shed light on the Trend offers a beautiful work.

Paisajes de la Naturaleza en HD

10 Paisajes Naturales - Fondos de Pantalla - Tamaño 1280x1024

Paisajes 1280x1024
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Derrame de Petróleo en Golfo de México

Dos Meses (62 días) han pasado desde la explosión inicial del equipo de perforación en aguas profundas en el Golfo de México, el crudo y el gas natural seguirá derramandoce desde el fondo marino. estimaciones revisadas de nuevo ahora que la tasa de flujo de hasta 60.000 barriles por día - una cifra apenas por debajo de una estimación más pesimista de 100.000 barriles diarios realizados por BP en un documento interno publicado recientemente por un panel del Congreso. el tesorero del estado de Louisiana ha estimado que los daños económicos y ambientales en el Golfo de México del derrame de petróleo podría oscilar entre $ 40 mil millones a $ 100 mil millones. Aquí mostramos fotografías recientes del Golfo de México y de los afectados por el flujo continuo de petróleo y gas en el océano.

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Sisley 2010

Sisley 2010
Sisley catalog

French clothing brands Sisley, Was brought to our country by Boyner group is one of the brands.

Mist collection of both female and male products also are available. its unique and stylish collection with style, always with a modern line Sisley ; 2010 season, yet very elegant pieces to create a new collection was created.

Esprit clothing models

Esprit clothing models
Esprit 2010

As with every summer season in this season dresses quite trend case. Which brand would get in a few elegant dressin your closet that is useful in the hot summer months are less affected best way to wear comfortable clothing, I guess.

38 years, a popular lifestyle brand in the world: Esprit

Between the ages of 15-45 (especially 18-30), but instead of living in trendy simplicity and the quality factor by accepting - give comfort to the importance of appealing to an audience. Women-men-children's clothing and accessories with a wide range of products. Esprit-Home also has entered into the world of home ...

2010 Esprit clothing models again stands out with a very stylish and trendy models; Esprit clothes prices vary between € 34 and € 80.

Furla 2010 Case Model and Price

Furla 2010 Case Model and Price
Furla new season

World-famous brand name accessories Furla, Products, customer satisfaction has a habit of keeping one of the brands.

Price 'Na, looking chic appeal to those who are looking at the elite level düşüsekde quality compared with the perspective we can see the differences.

80 years of experience as a past debtor Furla, bag and leather products manufacturing company was founded as a family then has achieved outstanding success in the international arena.

Furla that the success of the brand in the sector, with priority to quality and is owed to the original design.

Furla brand, Addressed the luxury class in quality and feminine detail to satisfy the customers always succeeded.

Ck models you see below Furlan 2010 the season prices also, between € 145 and € 400 depending on your preferences are changing bag.

How to wear skinny jeans?

How to wear skinny jeans?
Skinny jeans combined
Skinny jeans and celebrities

Skinny jean trend enterprises are the last one year is incredible. A view of women more sexy and assertive skinny'ler important factor in having confidence in one body, the ladies line skinny jean'S policy may prefer comfort.

At one skinny jean'S high-heeled shoes with your best kombinliyebilirsiniz because this looks more elegant way.

How to wear skinny jeans? I hardly news to those who most needed this job so I wanted to share with you by return to celebrity.

Skinny jean The choice of a celebrity, and the boiler can be found immediately following the match maybe you have in your own veins or boiler you might like ...

Tiernos y Amorosos Animales - Cachorritos Hermosos

"¿Quién puede creer que no hay Alma detrás de esos Luminosos Ojos!"

~ Théophile Gautier

Amorosos Animales
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Tommy Hilfiger 2010

Tommy Hilfiger 2010
Tommy Hilfiger new season

America's icons of clothing brand Hilfiger TommyWomen, men, children, denim, sports and accessory collections 2010 say hello to the season.

"To wear a fun, creative way to tell yourself to be. Me My clothes, in many ways reflects the lifestyle of people." Tommy Hilfiger "

"Tommy Hilfiger in 2010"

Tommy Hilfiger; tüketiceleri day, every moment of every age and style can be used to collect together a large collection, is aiming to offer them a way of life.
Quality of life identified as priorities the Tommy Hilfiger collections, modern and stylish appearance combines with the spirit of youth.

Hilfiger Tommy'S design is a reflection of America's creativity and diversity. Collection of everyday clothing and work clothes from the rock and roll fashion until the truth reveals a diversity. Red, white and blue Tommy Hilfiger logo and the colors, the symbol of the American spirit.

In 1951, New York - Elmira'da and nine children born as the son of a family Hilfiger, retail space, with a capital of $ 150 in his career began 18 years old. In 1969 he once so fashionable, and in your town does not have a low specific Jean for New York City went Hilfiger, Jean town's youth to sell to obtain the profits with the soon college campus in the People's Place, his first store opened.

Hilfiger, founder of the brand should be men, women and children's clothing in both classic and trendy styles all the accessories group believes reflects the combination. Snob style and comfort with the brand's country of birth is only in America but worldwide in 60 countries with a significant sales performance.
Hilfiger Tommy Corporation, registered in the name of Tommy Hilfiger men's, women's, jeans, golf, athletics, and has designed children's collections, will produce and market. In accordance with the license agreement to further expanding accessories collection (clock, jewelry, socks ...) and include groups assortment of shoes and perfumes continues to expand.