Carven Fashion Collection 2011

The new season for us already, but 2011 is actually dated başlamışdı first started writing my writings. 2011 Fashion başlamışdı shape with a lot of them cultivate the brand's collections, as long as this process continues and trademarks permanent shop windows carry the newest products.

Bu haberimizde , Carven markasının 2011 koleksiyonu ile tanışacağız , koleksiyonun genel çizgileri benim çok hoşuma gitti. This is our news, Carven meet the brand with a collection of 2011, the general lines of the collection I liked. Özellik le şu ayakkabılarda ki fiyonk detayı çok ilginç. Le bow detail on the property that is very interesting shoes. Gördüğünüz üzere fiyonklar elbiselerin üzerinde de çeşitli şekillerde buşunuyor. As you can see a variety of ways buşunuyor bows on dresses.

Hello Kitty with a cheerful quotes

Friends, 'knows who to follow, I'm most becereksiz news topics, women's care, cosmetics, health issues, such as a man and because I write about it is very difficult for a man.

Şimdi bu haberimiz tırnaklarını daha sevimli göstermek isteyen hanımlar için ; hello kitty ile neşeli tırnaklar… Now this is more lovable nails news for ladies who want to show, with a cheerful hello kitty nails ...

Question: your favorite brand?

Dear 'readers, those who follow our group to facebook, there is activity, knows that. Ben zaman zaman orda sorular sorarım , sevenlerimizde kendi fikilerini yazarlar . Bir soru sordum ve bu sorunu cevaplarını 'da yayınlayacağımı söyledim ; I ask questions from time to time there, fikilerini sevenlerimizde their authors. a question is asked and the answers to this problem, 'said the yayınlayacağımı;

Sizlerde cevaplarınızı şu linki tıklayarak ekleyebilirsiniz …!/modavetrend?v=wall You can add your answers by clicking the following link you will ... # / modavetrend? V = wall

Soru : en sevdiğiniz pantolon'unuz ve markası ? Question: pantolon'unuz and your favorite brand?


Gönül Kolat Designology ; levi's dizi tamamen parcalanmıs kotum artk senesini unuttm Heart Designology Kolat, completely torn jeans, levi's series of years in artk unuttm :) ) . ).

Wildcat Stone ; tüm kotlarıma bayılıyorum; ama Zara'dan aldığım lacivert taşsız kovboy tipi dar kotumun yeri başka Wildcat Stone; all kotlarıma love, but I receive this took place in dark blue stone free cowboy-type narrow kotumun other :) ). ).

Moda ve Trend ; ilk yorumu ben yapıyorum ; Gap'den aldığım koyu renk az taşlanmış bir kotum var , en sevdiğim pantolonlarımdan bir tanesi o Fashion and Trend; the first comment I'm doing; Gap bought dark blue jeans have a less polished, it is one of my favorite pantolonlarımdan :) . .

Hasan Aydın ; jack&jones,energie,g-star,z.elements. Hasan Aydin, Jack & Jones, energie, g-star, z.elements.

Erdem Gönül ; diesel. Erdem Gönül; diesel.

Asiye Çolpa ; dolce gabbana. Asiya Çolpan, Dolce & Gabbana.

Ayten Alirzabeyli ; dior. Ayten Alirzabeyli; dior.

Street Fashion December 2010/28

Street who is wearing what?

I wonder how the style of casual wear in other countries?

How is reflected in the latest street trends? Street Fashion and more each season, only at.

I am very happy because I created this corner to corner of street fashions by fashion-lovers quite popular. Therefore, with an incidence of street fashion news bende at present you.

Street Fashion December 2010 / 28 / details;

  • blond hair
  • mini black dress
  • black bag
  • black half-boots
  • close to the color of camel sport coat

8 out of 10 are my my, I think it looks perfect outfits, the color harmonies are very good.

New Year 2011 New Year's Clothes!

Today, Dec. 27 Monday, just four days left to enter into the new year. You still have not exchanged Christmas, New Year's outfit on the doubt, because in the right place vvill addition to your Christmas outfit all the time about the proposals.

Here you have seen the dresses, chosen from the collections of various brands. At the same time, bringing them together creates a very stylish piece you can see our news kombinlerinide Christmas. I hope it comes to choosing clothes for you (right) are the determining factor in one.

2011 Louis Vuitton Spring Summer Trends 2011

2011 Louis Vuitton Spring Summer Trends 2011

Spring Summer trends can not be said we choose to talk about is not it a lovely day çokda? Istanbul weather is cold, rains began to fall at the moment I think I could think of something other than old-fashioned winter.

Louis Vuitton Spring / Summer 2011 collection, organized by the fashion show presented by fashion lovers. The collection will hit full build instructions I think there is a riot of colors. Nyanında this chic clothing stores in the new season will be Louis Vuitton.

Proenza Schouler Spring Summer 2011

Proenza Schouler Spring Summer 2011 collection. 2011 Fashion that messages are very good that I can say to us about one of the collections. Proenza Schouler really different and unique products that offer a combination of the brand new season, no doubt will attract attention.

Street Fashion 27 December 2010

Street Fashion 27 December 2010

Year of 2010 where they remain behind in the new year, a good starting or ending point for some of the things that can be reset. In 2011 to remove the errors to a minimum doğrularınızı maxiumuma a talk with yourself.

Köşemiz full year 2010 was full of street fashions, wearing clothes all together we have seen how people from many countries, have made analysis. What 'the world, standing in the street unless you know what I'll continue to worn them. Immediately below we see a new street fashion photos, we leave the interpretation of the cameras attached to this elegant lady.

Our cells to get rid of dead skin for a healthy

Our cells to get rid of dead skin for a healthy

Everyone wants to get a sparkling skin. To do this you must remove the dead skin cells. höcrelerinizden get rid of the dead must be sure to do the peeling. Peeling can also make yourself at home, such as beauty centers yaptırabileceğiniz. Not only to your face regularly can help your body to get rid of the peeling wreck your application. Peeling is the cheapest way to make pouch. If you have very sensitive skin or if you do not like pouch, body exfoliating products for the special benefit. Body Shop sold body peelings and pamper your body by buying special gloves. Need to purchase a separate product for your face. If you do not want to spend a lot of money here at home will make you an easy recipe;

Materials you need are as follows: 1 / 4 cup granulated sugar, chopped enough fresh tomatoes, 2 tablespoons yogurt. After the first sugar in a clean bowl add yogurt with chopped fresh tomatoes, and finally mix thoroughly. Cleaned and soaked in water, gently massage your face with your fingertips and apply them. After waiting 10 minutes, rinse with warm water, dry it gently.

Apply moisturizer your skin refreshed and enjoy.

Alexander McQueen Spring Summer 2011

Atsam on how he would have the title? Alexander McQueen Welcome to wonderland!

I think it would be nice! Fashion blah blah atalıp aside, a lot of details never anlamıyalım techniques, "difference" is not even inside the so-called concept of not feeling positive direction. I personally McQueen collections of brands such as when the bet because I do not want to apply more kelama collection of images that best represents everything himself.

Alexander McQueen Spring Summer 2011 / Alexander McQueen Welcome to wonderland!

Calliope 2011 Spring Campaign

We are living in the autumn winter season, let's tackle brands in spring and summer seasons to make this even do promotions. In fact, right now do not you do the shopping benefits, one by one will start within 1 month.

Calliope, the spring 2011 collection, fashion lovers presented with promotional campaign that you see below. If you see a beautiful model shots Novoselova Masha. 2011 fashion trends açısındada a collection of insights we can do.

Sunglasses Trends 2011

Sunglasses Trends 2011

This year the vintage effect is felt in all areas of fashion in 2011 continues. 50s, 60s and 2011 will mark the 70 years.

Mad Man also takes a series of echoes in the world of fashion. Prada 2010/2011 autumn / winter collection, come upon a cat eye sunglasses.

Fendi glasses retro nostalgia winds kapılanlardan this year. That's 2011 sunglasses

Cat Eye: This journey takes us to the trend towards the 50s and 60s.

John Lenon: a minimalist style of the famous musician in 2011, was the inspiration for sunglasses.

  • Retro: unlimited color and pattern style 2011 will mark the 70 years.
  • Simply select the appropriate one of your face.

Sunglasses Trends 2011