Hürrem hair

Century became an icon with an array of spectacular Hürrem can say. In fact, one of his wives Hürrem Tarhimizde sultan'ımızın! If we look at Wikipedia's mainly what you say; Roxelana or Haseki Hurrem Sultan (1500-1506 c. - 1558) birth name: Alexandra Lisowska, [La Rossa] Ottoman name: خرم سلطان, Name recognition in Europe: Roxelana. Ottoman Sultan I. Solomon's wife and the next Sultan II. Selim's mother.
The series popularity, characters attracted to the next level! Each character wears his Hürrem i, is wearing a fashion, breaking sales records and, of course, very trendy hair Hürrem!
And I think the role of the character played by Mary Hürrem Üzerli phenomenon, so that was doing very well. The ladies have their hair for their hair Hürrem example, this is if you think they would look hair uygulasınlar model.
Hair color Roxelana I wonder what exactly is?
Mocha color may?
Köpüğümü Honey?
Mary Uzel Hürrem hair and hairstyles

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