Great Designs Ayakakbı Vans Models

Vans interesting to know the different styles and designs with shoes shoes shoes piyasının that is one of the different actors. Of course, lovers of Vans and a special group in particular.
Southern California is centrally located in the brand, a Vans shoe company here. When we look at areas of use of Vans shoes, cyclists, skateboarders, surfers, such as time spent in different areas is a brand that people the appeal.
Vans In the first çıkıtğı was a rubber company, was founded in 1966 in this way. Paul Van Doren, Jim Van Doren, Serge D'Elia by this internal name in Anaheim, California, was founded.
When we look at the first years of Vans shoes are all the same warehouse we see produced. Years later, in July 1995 and completed production of Vans sneakers. That vision has changed the shape and the fact he finished saying that, after that period of Vans, the shoes of customers when demanded by the different color schemes, users began to receive requests.
Now let's the news, this news about the 2011 models of Vans shoes! Vans'ın 2011 season of collections of models of shoes that you see below. What a beautiful right? All designs, patterns, shoes are adorned with amazing people that it attracts. Vans fairy tales, or let's say we have a world of wonders this. 2011 Season Vans mustard shops can buy this shoe models.

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