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H: Sima lady, thank you very much for taking time to prioritize. Good questions, starting with the question and will terminate our conversation.
Sima : I would like to thank Hakan, I delighted in.

Interview guest: Sima B ******
Occupation: Banker
Age: 23

H: Fashion'S follow-up is quite far

Sima : Yes
H: 3 What is your favorite brand?
Sima : Christian Louboutin, Zara,
H: Are there any points that you pay attention while shopping?
Sima: Definitely before I pay attention to product quality parts, then I think I can find outfits.
H: What do you think is the knack of choosing the right clothes?
Sima: I think it would look right choice, first need to know what your body and self.There are the classic fashion of a self-yakışandır I really like that not only the fashion closet, he took things yakışmayacak saklamaktansa beyond the line a little bit different you can create a classic style to suit.
H: What are the indispensable parts Gardrobunuzun?
Sima: Recently .. Stradivarius powder color leather jacket, red rayban Wayfarer sunglasses, cheap but cute powder I get from Oxford Street in my shoes
View: collections favorite designers?
Sima: Burcu Dry, Gunseli Elder, Sima Nightingale
H: Which parts do you create Kombinlerinizi harmony?
Sima: Shoe-bag of the classical alignment, color tones are so close together that I can not say I liked ederim.Zıt many colors to use together.
H: My favorite colors?
Sima: Powder, white, cream
H: Where is the most commonly preferred third place?

Sima: Blackk Nahide for fun or, for chatting and eating Kitchenette

H: How would you describe to us yourself in three words?

Sima : Enjoy Rose Rose
Finally, you want to add ....
Fashion and Trend Stay in touch ..

Yours ..

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