Y -London 2010 Catalog

" The free lines are spread from Turkey to the world with the slogan " working to put out their own style Y -London ; It is one of our local brands . The first store opened in Istanbul in 2002 Y - london, already serves customers in many cities .

Y -london' s 2010 catalog I moved here by a selection of images and catalogs within benimd ikkatimi black colors are used to attract why do not other colors officially .

Y -london -style middle-aged like me more in life or in the office of the ladies who were interested could come as a style . Those brands that everybody still bored if you want to try something different bri , you can look at their collection of Y -london .

" Y -London 2010 Catalog "

Y - LONDON , Y -London Stores

LONDON Y - you know the age and without limits , integrating in their own way at any time , any place that invites you to the original . You will feel the difference once again in your collection . Y - LONDON free, comfortable, stylish, modern and the rule does not recognize the metropolis, the women 24 hours , and in any environment, stylish and original ensures that the collection of a prominent brand, quality and competitive prices with each other for from private collections is preparing .

Address : SK earth redoubt . No: 38 Kasimpasa / ISTANBUL
Tel. : 0212 237 45 47
Fax : 0212 231 83 27

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