Katy Perry's Hair Models

" I Kissed a girl " with an incredible part of the output capture Katty perry My favorite singer is one of my , aside from my admiration for the beauty SESI not bad.

Katy Perry (Katheryn Elizabeth HudsonD. 25 October 1984 ) , American singer -songwriter . first name as " UR So Gay "and Billboard Hot 100 number-one hit " I Kissed a Girl " was introduced with the song .

Birth name

Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson


October 25, 1984 ( 1984-10-25 ) ( 25 years old )
Santa Barbara, California, USA

Genre (s )

Pop , pop rock

Occupation (s )

Singer , songwriter , actress

managed by professional with remarkable beauty Katy perry hairstyles With this news will be our guests , Katy Perry, also prefers a different time, a hairstyle that made news by bringing hope you like it .

Rate Which hairstyle fits him more , and you see for yourself what hair style would you like to ?

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