2010 Shoe Collection 2010 shoes trend

Which is one of our local brands Kemal Tanca , Offering a combination of comfort and elegance that has always succeeded and the industry as one of the leading brands is remarkable.

"Footwear industry 1950 opened the door and three generations on solid foundations of existence which is a brand name and Surname Kemal Tanca."

"Quality service concept, trend-designs, and each sector to address the model with the industry's leading names among managed to become a brand presence as our valued customers we have received support for many years continued to have been targeted."

Kemal Tanca 2010 by browsing the collection of men's shoes, I moved here, my favorite models, prices on the web page was not written malasef.

"Shop, 90% of our products are manufactured in Turkey, the remaining 10% in Italy, Spain, consists of famous brands were imported from France."

"With a rich product range to respond to modern needs as well as many of the classic style, our collection of products to suit all tastes in Turkey's 59 stores decorate their windows."

"Our model of elegance and comfort, especially in the foreground, we created our collection of styles, each created their own designers are experts in the field."

Kemal Tanca 2010

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